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Is it a genetically modified potato that doesn't turn black when cut?

Issuing time:2019-09-25 14:42

Is it a genetically modified potato that doesn't turn black when cut?

One message went viral on the Internet: "Chinese potatoes don't turn black after being cut. They are genetically modified potatoes! American potatoes turn black when cut." Is that so?

Lin xinying, director of the Chinese society of nutrition and a professor at the institute of nutrition and food health at shandong university, said there was no scientific basis for such claims. Would turn black when cut, is due to containing phenols chemical and polyphenol oxidase, in the process of cutting, contain phenols chemical flow, oxygen contact with the outside world, under the polyphenol oxidase catalysis, the formation of unstable - benzene quinone compounds, converging or formed by polymer, such as protein, amino acid complex happen and make the pieces are cut surface Browning (placed in the long run is black). Chinese people eat potatoes mainly by stir-fried potato shrews, which are generally cooked and eaten on the go. The shrews are not placed for a long time after being cut, and they are rinsed with water, which slows down the Browning speed to a great extent. In other words, as mentioned in the previous news, "Chinese potatoes remain black after being cut".

"The degree of potato Browning is mainly related to the activity of polyphenol oxidase between different varieties. Some species of polyphenol oxidase activity is low, so it takes a long time to discolor. "The degree to which a potato browns is also related to its environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, ph, etc." Lin xinying explains. At present, all potato varieties in China contain phenolic compounds and polyphenol oxidase, but the degree of discoloration and time are different. More importantly, China has not approved the cultivation of genetically modified anti-browning potatoes, and the market has not heard of the sale of potatoes that do not change color after cutting.

What's more, the fact that potatoes don't get darker has nothing to do with nutrition. In order to prevent Browning to affect the senses, after peeling potatoes, the slices can be immersed in water, rinsed with hot water, treated with vitamin C and citric acid solution, vacuum packaging and other methods to control the Browning after potato cutting to a certain extent.

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