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Prices of new potatoes are falling

Issuing time:2019-09-25 14:41

Prices of new potatoes are falling

Today's new potato market supply is sufficient, the purchase merchants increased, the trading volume is enlarged compared with the previous period, the overall price has not changed, wuchuan production area new potatoes began storage, at the same time, the market trade with the flow of goods is more smooth, paddock production area new potatoes have been in the storage stage, the market transactions continue to cool; The whole purchase and sale of potato inside the store is not flourishing, tengzhou kuo potato continues to be hit by the new potato market, open the store trading less, under the pressure of inventory, the price fell 5 to about 10 fen.

The rolls chips:

Tengzhou region potato prices weak library today, the new chips to the northeast, Inner Mongolia and other places the tengzhou trading and the impact of the warehouse, tengzhou chips open library local exchange apathy, purchasing customers reduce, volume is small, slow shipment, and now the tengzhou potato rolls source remaining amount is larger, border town reservoir is 40% - 50%, library potato prices around 5 to 1 MAO, the price of the Netherlands 1053 liang started in 1.05 1.10 yuan/kg.

Qingdao producing area store inside potato trade is light, 11 adjacent, store business shipment state of mind is anxious, but purchase businessman is sporadic, go goods is more difficult, buy and sell not flourishing, turnover is very few, market depression, price did not change, at present Holland 1532 start price is in 0.70 yuan/jin or so.

Outside the library chips:

MengWu sichuan region within the new potato excavation of area continues to expand, loading quantity, production areas, the temperature gradually lower for fear of cold, potato farmer storage pits and merchants, warehouse have begun to send domestic market relatively stable, temporarily still outside the province wholesale market buyers on-demand pick is given priority to, now Harold town individual agents, and remain at around 2 car volume, market trading atmosphere active, volume stability, the overall price stability, the price of the Dutch 1053 liang started in 0.60 0.65 yuan/kg, bush's three two 6 started in 0.65 to 0.70 yuan/kg.

Enclosures in hebei region market continued to cool, it is the new stage in the potato transaction based, warehousing basically completed, outside the library new potato goods rarely, few buyers market, the domestic market relatively stagnant, temporarily unchanged prices, the price of the Dutch 1053 liang started at around 0.55 yuan/jin, 226 three two prices start at about 0.55 yuan/kg.

In weining, guizhou, the market is running smoothly today, the quantity of new potatoes continues to increase, mainly in 2 or more specifications, buyers are more active in getting goods, more sources of goods go to the surrounding wholesale market, the speed of goods delivery is fast, the turnover remains stable, the price does not change, the current price of green potatoes no. 9 2 or more is 0.80-0.85 yuan/jin.

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