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New potatoes are in plentiful supply and trade is brisk

Issuing time:2019-09-25 14:21

New potatoes are in plentiful supply and trade is brisk

New potato market overall market positive today, with the increase in fine weather, major production areas, new potatoes excavation of normal loading quantity increase gradually, customers purchasing more, trading volume has increased, Wu Chuan, weining production areas, a brisk trade transactions with, prices remain unchanged, enclosure region basic finish new potato trading, price stability; Kuanai potato overall trade is general, buy and sell enthusiasm is lower, continue to have the situation without city price, price did not adjust.

The rolls chips:

The weather in tengzhou producing area is sunny today, the enthusiasm of depositors to sell goods is general, there are a small number of fixed merchants to take goods, goods more to the foreign supermarkets, high-end wholesale market, the market maintains a small amount of goods, the volume is not warm, the price is stable and temporary no change, the Netherlands 1532 starting price in 1.10-1.20 yuan/jin.

The potato market in the storage area of jiaozhou in Qingdao is relatively depressed, with few buyers in the market, and the purchase and sales are not flourishing. The open warehouse transaction is sporadic, the turnover is small, and the price does not change. At present, the starting price of 1532 in the Netherlands is around 0.70 yuan/jin.

Outside the library chips:

MengWu in sichuan region remains sunny weather, a new potato excavation of gradually returned to normal, on volume continues to increase, customers with the enthusiasm high, supplies the main for the peripheral market and provincial large supermarkets, fast shipment, trading volume has increased, the overall price remains the same, the price of the Dutch 1053 liang started in 0.60 0.65 yuan/kg, bush's three two 6 started in 0.65 to 0.70 yuan/kg.

Hebei padang production area new potato trading into the end of the period, the new potato supply has basically been put in storage, most merchants turned to foreign production areas to purchase new potatoes, the local domestic market transactions reduced, the price temporarily unchanged, the Netherlands 15 35 two starting price in about 0.55 yuan/jin, 226 32 starting price in about 0.55 yuan/jin.

Weining producing area of guizhou continues to have fine weather today, most growing areas of producing area new potatoes are normally picked up, the quantity of goods is increased, the merchants who take goods are increased, the speed of goods delivery is accelerated, the trading volume is slightly increased, the market is improved, the price is not adjusted, the current price of green potato no. 9 no. 2 is 0.80-0.85 yuan/jin.

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