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Promote the development of the whole potato industrial chain

Issuing time:2019-09-25 14:20

China potato network (www.malingshu7.com) on September 18 solstice 20 China dingxi potato conference was successfully held in dingxi, gansu province, in recent years, dingxi has formed a seed potato breeding, standardized planting, refined deepening processing, marketing development pattern of the whole industrial chain.

There are 32 seed potato production enterprises in dingxi, with an annual output of over 2 million tons of virus-free seed potatoes and over 1.2 billion seeds. In 2019, 100,000 mu of original seed and 915,000 mu of first-level seed and propagation base will be built in the city, forming a standardized and perfect three-level breeding system of virus-free seed potato. Virus-free varieties of potato are sold throughout the province and Inner Mongolia, sichuan, guizhou, hebei, anhui, qinghai and other 10 provinces and regions.

The annual planting area of dingxi potato is stable at about 3 million mu and the output exceeds 5 million tons. The standardized potato planting level in the whole city has been continuously improved, and three production bases have been formed, namely, potato breeding in the high altitude, cold and wet area in the south, starch processing type and fresh food commodity type in the hilly and gully arid and semi-arid area in the north of the loess plateau, early-maturing vegetable type and processing type in the valley, river and water area. At the same time, the micro-potato industry also continues to develop, it is understood that the stable area using fog culture without matrix high technology, effectively improve the micro-potato knot rate, overcome the problem of potato micro-potato storage and dormant period is not consistent, increase output, reduce waste, protect the environment.

Dingxi vigorously carry out the deepening processing of potato essence, the city has built more than ten thousand tons of potato processing leading enterprises 28, processing products are rich, mainly full powder, modified starch, expanded food, staple food products, forming a circular chain. Potato staple food has been developed and popularized, including potato steamed bread, noodles, cakes, biscuits, naan, convenient noodles and other 7 categories, 16 varieties and more than 20 flavors.

Through the implementation of the policy of subsidizing the primary processing of agricultural products, dingxi has built 950,000 storage warehouses of various types, with a storage capacity of more than 3.5 million tons of potatoes. The city's existing large-scale potato six professional wholesale market, small and medium-sized market more than 50, engaged in the farmers' professional co-operatives to 1521 of potato industry, family farm 105, large trafficking more than 3200 households, market circulation system constantly improved, sold each year are sold to Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, fujian, henan, yunnan, sichuan, guizhou and other provinces and cities 2 million tons of fresh potato, fresh potato and potato products sold abroad more than ten thousand tons, the total market circulation.

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