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Planters count the most varieties of potatoes

Issuing time:2019-09-25 14:16

Planters count the most varieties of potatoes

China potato network (www.malingshu7.com) learned that recently, many areas of potato harvest, different varieties of potato planting characteristics are not the same, and in the minds of large farmers around the potato variety is the most?

The most productive jizhang potato 12. According to guyuan county, hebei province senior agronomist guo Ming introduced, ji zhang potato 12 is the most outstanding characteristics of drought resistance, resistance to late epidemic disease, the rate of large potato is particularly high (more than two for three big potato), more than three jin big potato is very common. Gu yuan introduces more than ten varieties of potato every year, and the performance of ji zhang potato 12 is the best. According to the trial planting experience, this variety grows better in gansu and Inner Mongolia, which is very suitable for the promotion in the cold and cool area of northwest China. At present, the main planting area of ji zhang potato 12 is in zhangjiakou, chengde and paddock, covering an area of not less than 100,000 mu.

The best huasong 7. "Hua song potato" is a high-end potato brand, which not only fills the gap of health potato in China, but also is rated as "the most delicious potato in China" by thousands of experiencers from more than 20 provinces in the annual market survey of Chinese potato industry. However, huashong no.7 yellow meat with high vitamin C content, large starch granules and super fine, smooth and soft taste is generally recognized as the most delicious potato among huashong potatoes. Gao zhichao, a planter in the saibei administrative district of zhangjiakou, hebei province, said he was "overjoyedwith the high yield and resistance to late blight and viral diseases".

Best for chips Atlantic and summery. Atlantic ocean and xia podi are foreign varieties, because potato type is good, white meat, light eyes, reducing sugar content is low, dry matter content is appropriate, storage is good, has been McDonald's, KFC, Pepsi, hao li you designated varieties. Introduce according to good beautiful you deputy manager of agricultural company, their company planted Atlantic ocean of more than 10,000 mu in duolun county of Inner Mongolia, output stabilizes all the time in a few years between 3000~3300 kilograms, planting area also increases from 2000 mu at the beginning to 17,000 mu in recent years, basically belong to order to plant. The Netherlands 14 and Netherlands 15 are also suitable for processing potato chips and chips, but they are not as stable as the Atlantic ocean, yu said.

The largest planting area of kesin one. At present, there are 82 potato varieties with a planting area of more than 100,000 mu and 30 varieties with a planting area of more than 500,000 mu in China. The planting area of kesin 1 is the largest, about more than 11 million mu. Inner Mongolia planted the most, only ulanqab city has more than 3 million mu of this variety. Wang hui, a large family of daerhan MAO mingan united banner in Inner Mongolia, just started to plant potatoes. According to his experience, kexin no. 1 is more suitable for the local natural conditions of drought and short frost-free period. Wang hui said that he also tried the Netherlands 15, ke xin no. 1 is not worse than the Netherlands 15. Holland 15 requirements for water fertilizer high, for his beginners, not too much technology, equipment investment, ke xin 1 is more suitable.

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