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Ministry of agriculture and village: the pace of transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry in

Issuing time:2019-04-30 09:16

It was learned from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that since the beginning of this year, due to the in-depth implementation of the new development concept at all levels of animal husbandry, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, to guide structural adjustment, promote industrial upgrading, and promote green development, China’s animal husbandry operations have generally shown a trend toward superiority. .

Specifically, the relationship between production and demand of major livestock products has gradually improved. From mid-January to mid-May, the price of live pigs continued to decline. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs began to release early warning information through the media in March to guide the reduction of production capacity, supervise the prevention and control of disease prevention and market supervision, and strengthen production guidance to help pig farms Go through the storm. Overall, the production of pigs was steadily adjusted, and the pork market was in an orderly manner. The price of live pigs rebounded from mid-May in mid-term, and has now rebounded to the cost line. Some pig farms with higher production and operation levels have returned to the profit range. The egg market is currently generally better. The average price of eggs in the main producing areas from January to May was 8.29 yuan per kilogram, up 42.9% year-on-year. The production of broiler chicken, beef cattle and meat sheep is stable and the breeding efficiency is good.

At the same time, the quality and efficiency competitiveness of animal husbandry development has continued to increase. The animal husbandry departments at all levels have tightly swayed the breeding of good varieties, benchmarking and structural adjustment, speeding up the transformation of traditional animal husbandry, and improving efficiency to promote the transformation of animal husbandry to high-quality development. The first is to be efficient in breeding for good breeds. With the continuous advancement of livestock breeding, the breeding system of improved varieties has been continuously improved, and the application of genomic technology has expanded. The core species of major livestock species have been continuously increased, and the ability to supply seeds has continued to increase. The improved seed production has led to an increase in production performance. The daily age of pigs up to 100 kg has dropped from 170 days in 2012 to the current 163 days. The second is to be efficient in standard management. Pay close attention to the establishment of standardization demonstrations, deploy and carry out the creation activities in 2018, and unearth a number of demonstration sites with high efficiency, environmental friendliness, product safety and advanced management, and cancel a batch of unqualified demonstration sites for re-inspection. At present, a total of 4,573 demonstration farms for livestock and poultry breeding have been established. The third is to adjust the efficiency of the structure. The layout of the optimized area was adjusted, and the definition of the banned area was basically completed. The cumulative amount of live pigs was reduced by 34 million. The production of pigs was accelerated to the areas with large environmental capacity, and the resource and environmental pressures in the southern water network areas were alleviated. The structure of livestock and poultry products has been upgraded, the backward production capacity of pigs has been phased out, the animal husbandry industry has developed steadily, the development and utilization of local livestock and poultry resources has increased, the supply of high-quality livestock products has increased, and the vitality of animal husbandry such as horses, donkeys and bees has increased.

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