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Business and planning

pecific business:

The company strengthens its comprehensive development efforts, improves the potato processing system, and fills in the market gap of modern warehousing logistics system and products such as potato flour, dried potato chips and cubes. It promotes and sells products through the following channels:

1. "Yimingsu" Self-operated Chain Brand

The catering chain of our company, has reached a sales strategic intention with PetroChina and Sinopec, that is, relying on the gas station to build convenient fast food restaurants with French fries and other series products as the main products, including French fries, potato chips, snowflake products, potato cubes, mashed potato products and other full series of products. At present, there are 17 stores in China, mainly in Shandong and Yunnan. Passengers can use mobile APP to place orders before they enter the expressway station, and take away the selected goods immediately after entering the station. It is convenient and fast to meet the fast-paced life of contemporary people.

2. Grain Reserves

After contacting with the civil administration department, our products can be used as their disaster relief grain reserve. Potato cubes and potato chips, as new green healthy food, have a good feeling of satiety and comprehensive nutrition after eating. Potato snowflake flour is the main nutritious food. Dried potato cubes and potato chips will re-absorb water and re-transform into fresh potatoes after rehydration; the taste is fresh and tender, and the nutrients are maintained very well. They are natural non-additive dry vegetables, ideal long-term storage emergency reserve food (because their shelf life is as long as 5-10 years, and after opening, they can generally be stored for 6 to 12 months), and belong to the grain reserve category.

3. Off-season Sale of Commodity Potatoes

Fresh potatoes purchased from constant temperature warehouses are sold off season. In China, the company has contacted and cooperated with agricultural brokers and large fruit and vegetable wholesale markets in Hunan, Hubei and coastal areas. At the same time, the company is also setting up a foreign marketing team.

Future planning:

The strategic layout of Asia-Pacific in the next three years:

1. To build a base of potato deep processing series products with an annual processing capacity of 220,000 tons in the Green Industrial Park of Huzhu County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province.

2. To build a comprehensive project of potato intensive processing with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, an area of 550 Mu and a storage capacity of 200,000 tons in Ningxia Autonomous Region.

3. To build a potato intensive processing project with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan and a storage capacity of 180,000 tons in Yunnan within one year, which will build a solid bridge for the enterprise to open up the Asia-Pacific road.

1. Food Processing Plant, Fast Food Shop Supply

China's potato processing products consumption market has great potential for development. With the increase of per capita consumption of potatoes, especially with the improvement of living standards and the change of food consumption habits of the younger generation, people's demand for potato products will continue to increase, which will greatly promote the production of potatoes in China, and the potato industry will be one of the industries that can easily stimulate domestic demand in China.

With the change of people's health concept and catering habits, the rise of green food processing plants, the supply of French fries, potato chips, potato cubes, and snowflake flour are in short supply situation, and the domestic market supply gap is expanding. For example, dried potato cubes are a kind of high quality potato food, which plays an increasingly important role in the food market. It can be used in various foods such as canned meat, stewed beef, frozen meat pie, soup, potato salad food and so on. Potato cubes are also commonly used as an important ingredient in many packaged foods: dried or canned foods and potato salads, which are also often used to make potato cakes. French fries and potato chips are used as the main raw materials of puffed food, and snacks processed are popular among young people.

In addition, fast-paced life drives the rapid development of fast food industry. Experts estimate that if potatoes are processed into McDonald's fries, they will appreciate five times; when processed into KFC mashed potatoes, they will appreciate four times; when processed into fried potatoes chips, they will appreciate five times; and when processed into potato puffed foods, they will appreciate ten times. Therefore, the objective benefits of potato chips, French fries, potato cakes and other high value-added commodities in KFC, McDonald's and other foreign brand fast food restaurants stimulate the rapid development and reform of domestic brand fast food restaurants, while the strong demand for potato products also promotes the development of potato intensive processing enterprises.

2. Grain Reserves

Currently, the relevant government departments are actively approaching UNHCR to plan to use potato-related products as grain reserve.

3. Opening up Foreign Market

At present, more than 150 countries in the world grow potatoes, covering an area of about 21.55 million hectares, with a total output of 320 million tons, with an annual per capita consumption of 28kg, but the difference between different countries is very obvious. The average annual per capita consumption in developed countries is 74 kg, while that in developing countries is only 14 kg. Developing countries are showing a growing momentum. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the direct consumption of potatoes in various countries is decreasing, while the proportion of potatoes used for processed food or other products is increasing day by day. The proportion of potatoes processed in developed countries is obviously higher than that in developing countries.

Our company's off-season sales of commodity potatoes will be the first batch of products to open up foreign markets. Benefiting from the superior geographical advantages of various regions, we will first explore the Southeast Asian market, and then guide the company's potato chips, French fries, potato cubes, snowflake flour and other potato products into the Southeast Asian market. It is planned to open the Southeast Asian market within two years, lay a Japanese and Korean sales network within three years and open the European market within five years.

Intensive cultivation, expansion of China's 71 cities, strategic layout of the world

Enterprise Future Planning, Asia Pacific Strategy

Companies adhering to the "high-end, high-performance, high-quality" business purposes, with high-quality services, scientific and standardized management, and strive to achieve economic benefits and social benefits double profit, prompting enterprises to embark on a healthy growth path as soon as possible. In the future, the company will make full use of the advantages of capital, talents and management, accelerate the development of specialization and standardization, strengthen sincere cooperation with all walks of life, base on Qinghai, face the country and expand overseas. Committed to building the largest potato processing company across the Asia Pacific region.

Asia-Pacific strategic layout for the next three years:

1. Established an annual processing of 220,000 tons of potato deep processing series product base in Huzhu County Green Industry Park, Haidong City, Qinghai Province.

2. In the Ningxia Autonomous Region, a comprehensive deep processing project of potato with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, covering an area of 550 mu and a storage of 200,000 tons of potato products.

3. In the year, a potato deep processing project with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan and a storage capacity of 180,000 tons of potato stocks will be built in Yunnan, which will build a solid bridge for the company to open up the Asia-Pacific road.

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